Dušan, Sat., 05. Oct. 2018

ISUZU IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

Definitely an unforgettable experience: racing the Fiercest race in the Friendlist City and an Addo Elephant National Park Tour.


End of swim


Elephant near the lake


Addo Elephant National Park

Dušan, Sat., 27. Jan. 2018

A new post.

Year 2017 was a sport's year. I've completed two marathons and two half-IRON distances. After the 2015, I've again attended the Marathon Three Hearts, and another marathon in Firenze. About the triathlons - the Challenge Prague and local Long distance triathlon in Murska Sobota were on my 2017's list.

In 2017, I've became a Young Researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Bussiness, making me currently work towards the Ph. D.

Sport statistics for 2017:

No. Race Discipline
1. 37. Marathon three hearts Running
2. 34a Firenze Marathon Running
3. Challenge Prague Triathlon
4. Long triathlon Murska Sobota Triathlon

Dušan, Tue., 10. Jan. 2017

Year 2016 is over.

The 2016 is over. It was a hard-working, but successful year. After completing a premiere race, the Treviso Marathon in March, I've decided do to the IRONMAN in Summer and some half-IRON distances. I've accomplished five of them this year and set a new quantitative personal record. Also, I performed some cycling races this season, especially the local cycling race, organized by cycling club KK Tropovci, Pokal Občine Tišina.

In an aeronautical way: I've flown many hours this year and besides staying familiar with Cessna C-150, also got acquainted to Piper PA-18 SuperCub.

I've also accomplished the first year of the M.Sc. and am therefore looking forward for another year.

Sport statistics for 2016:

No. Race Discipline
1. Treviso Marathon 1.3 Running
2. Ormoški mali maraton Running
3. Prekmurski mali maraton Running
4. Pokal Občine Tišina 2016 Cycling
5. Pokal Poli 2016 Cycling
6. Ciklokros Petanjci 2016 Cyclocross
7. Austrian 1/2 Iron Triathlon - Röcksee Triathlon
8. Ocean Lava Celje - Logarska Valley Slovenia Triathlon
9. Challenge Iceland Triathlon
10. Long triathlon Bakovci - National Championships Triathlon
11. Challenge Samorin Triathlon
12. KLIMATEX-TUFO Moraviaman triathlon Triathlon

Dušan, Thu., 22.09.2016

Welcome to the DF's HomePage.

I am Dušan Fister, student of Mechatronics, cyclist, runner, triathlete and sport pilot.